Articles I’ve Written

Supporting Social-Emotional Learning and Digital Leadership with Buncee

School at Home Tips from an Educational Technology Expert for Verizon

Articles Referencing My Work

How To Have A Meaningful Conversation About Disability At Work by Denise Brodey for Forbes

How online learning could negatively impact teacher mental health by Steven Blackburn for District Administration

UWO alumna, adjunct and author working to give educators tools to avoid burnout by UW Oshkosh Today and Shane Nyman

Battling Burnout by Barbara Gruener on Corner on Character

Roundtable: Focusing on Social and Emotional Learning for K–12 Students with EdTech Magazine


Panel Discussion on #MentalHealth with Belouga and the #SameHere movement

ISTE Ignite 2018 – On teacher engagement

Tweet and Talk Interview for The Fire Within

Prodriven Chat with Jarod Bormann

#ICE18 Interview with Marialice Curran and Hoonuit

EduMatch Panel Tweet & Talk for Divergent EDU with Sarah Thomas, Rodney Turner, Evan Abramson, Rachelle Dene Poth, and Jennifer Casa-Todd

Podcasts (From most recent)

Out of the Trenches episode watch it here or listen to it here on my resilience story with Dana Goodier

Being Mindful of Teacher Mental Health with DyKnow and the Tackling Tech Podcast

Designed to Thrive Podcast with Elissa Frazier on Small But Impactful Wins in Developing A Culture of Care to Support Both Teachers & Students

Make Learning Magical Podcast with Tisha Richmond on the power of #Gratitude to honor #GratitudeSnaps

Find my co-hosted podcasts with Jon Harper on the BAM Radio Network’s Teacher’s Aid

The Dr. Will Show with Dr. Will Deyamport, III on educator mental health, my books, and pandemic learning

#TheGoodLifeEDU Podcast with Andrew Easton on #SEL and #SelfCare

The Innovator’s Mindset Podcast on Reignite the Flames (of educator engagement) with George Couros

The Planning Period Podcast – Teacher Mental Health and Self-Care with Brad Schreffler

The Importance of Teacher Re-engagement with George Couros

Well at Work Podcast with the EdCan Network

The Longest Six Weeks with the OnEducation guys

Structure in Isolation with Joshua Stamper and the Aspire Leadership Podcast

Make Learning Magical Podcast on Educator Engagement with Tisha Richmond

Lasting Learning Podcast with Dave Schmittou on anchor or Apple Podcasts or Spotify or on video on YouTube

Self-Care Tips and Advice to Be Your Best with Vicki Davis

Leadership, Innovation & Divergent Teaching with Barbara Bray

The Personal Playlist Podcast with Noa Daniel

LaughED Podcast Episode 008 with Jon Spike

#USMSpark interview on Teacher Mental Health with #ONeducation

Teach Better Podcast Episode 74 with the Teach Better Team

EduTechGuys #ICE19 Conference Interview on Teacher Mental Health   

Trauma, Mental Health, and Well-being by the Human Restoration Project

Episode 40 Podcast PD with AJ Bianco, Stacey Lindes, and Chris Nesi on Divergent EDU and The Fire Within

Five Ways To Battle Burnout with Vicki Davis

Five Ways to Achieve Balance with Vicki Davis

DisruptED TV with Chris Duane on Teacher Engagement

Teaching Tales with Brent Cowley

Teachers on Fire with Tim Cavey on The Fire Within and DivergentEDU