January #DivergentEDU Book Study

I am beyond excited for our first Divergent EDU book study to begin January 7th, 2019. I have different ways for us to communicate, some challenges and activities planned, and a complete dive into the book. I’m looking for people who want to have fun and devour the book along with me!

Information you may need:
Please contact me to sign up for the book study.
You can find the book here: bit.ly/divergent_edu
My Twitter Handle: @froehlichm
My Voxer Handle: mandyfroehlich
My Instagram Handle: froehlichmandy
Flipgrid Book Study: https://flipgrid.com/divergentedu
Divergent EDU hashtag: #DivergentEDU

Quick Look Schedule:

Week One
Jan 7-13
Preface, Foreword
The Brick by Brick Building of the Hierarchy
Week Two
Jan 14-20
Culture & Climate: Creating a Common Thread
Week Three
Jan 21-27
The Feels of Climate and Culture
Week Four
Jan 28-Feb 3
Effective Leadership
Week Five
Feb 4-10
Personalized Professional Learning
Innovation Teams
Week Six
Feb 11-17
The Peak of the Hierarchy

Week Two

Read the chapter Culture and Climate: Creating a common thread.

Answer the end of chapter questions in Voxer OR on Twitter. Be sure to use #DivergentEDU if you go the way of the Twitters (if you have room to tag me, @froehlichm, please do that, too!).

Participate in the slow chat on Twitter throughout the week. Each day I will release a new question using #DivergentEDU. Answer using the corresponding question number (Q1:A1) and the hashtag.

Challenge: Create a meme or booksnap with a quote from the book that resonated so far. If you’re unfamiliar with Tara Martin’s #booksnaps, you can find information here. Tweet it out with the reason why it resonated with you with the #DivergentEDU hashtag.

Week One

Read the preface, foreword, and the Brick by Brick Building of the Hierarchy.

Make sure you have been added to the Voxer group. Message me ASAP if you have not been added by January 6th. The end of chapter questions will be discussed there.

Introduce yourself in the Flipgrid here. We are going to be BFFs for six weeks.

Challenge: Write a blog post, do a Facebook Live, Periscope, or any kind of video of your choice, based on an assumption you know you often make about learning, relationships, or people. Reflect on ways you can challenge that assumption as part of being a divergent thinker. Share the link in the Voxer group. As an additional challenge, Tweet out the link and tag me (@froehlichm) in it as well as use the hashtag #DivergentEDU