Divergent EDU Chapter Six

Chapter 6: Personalized Professional Learning

Summary: If we believe that learning is important, we will make time for professional learning opportunities. Professional autonomy shifts the motivation of professional learning from extrinsic to intrinsic. Sustainable autonomy addresses how the environment we create supports or destroys intrinsic motivation. Embedded support is a crucial component to supporting educators in their learning goals. Like students, educators have the right to feel empowered in their professional learning.

Referenced Books:
Professionally Driven by Jarod Bormann

Guiding Questions:

  1. If you had to choose between training, professional development, and personalized professional learning, which would you say is the most commonly offered type of learning for adults in your district?
  2. For the training and professional development pieces, are they personalized or individualized in any way? How?
  3. How would you like to see the training and professional development pieces changed, if a change is required?
  4. What supports are available in your district for personalized professional development? What supports do you take advantage of (i.e. what opportunities do you take for your own learning)?
  5. What system do you have in place or can you put in place to guarantee that you are engaged in professional learning that you need?
  6. How do you guarantee that you are participating in personalized professional learning that challenges your weaknesses, provides opportunities for growth, and supports your passions?
  7. List three ways you can engage in personalized professional learning going forward, including any specific people you could reach out to for support. Who could be your go-tos?