Divergent EDU Book Study

My second book, Divergent EDU: Challenging Assumptions and Limitations to Create a Culture of Innovation is now available on Amazon here: bit.ly/divergent_edu. I have put together explanations of the chapters, additional links, and guiding questions in order to help facilitate book studies. My goal is to help the reader think about how the content relates to them and how changes based on this reflection can support their own teaching and learning as well as the educators around them which in turn supports their students in becoming innovative and divergent thinkers as well.

If you’d like to purchase the paperback version in bulk (10+ books), Sarah Thomas can be contacted at Sarah@edumatch.org for a discount.

Divergent EDU Cover

Book Study Activities

  1. Read the chapter.
  2. Read/watch the associated additional resources, links, or recommendations. (linked).
  3. Work through the questions one by one using your deep reflection skills…dig deep

The end of each section will contain questions aimed at deep reflection as I believe honest evaluation beginning with oneself and including the organization is the only way that growth can happen. The reflective questions are for your own use, but some examples of activities that may aid in your growth are:

  • Blogging about your thoughts on the Hierarchy
  • Tweeting one or more things you learned going through the process using #DivergentEDU and tagging @froehlichm
  • Creating a short video or blog post discussing one specific change that you’ll make resulting from the reflection in this book.
  • Recording a Flipgrid video on each chapter with reflections and thoughts.

Chapter Guide

Chapter 1: The Brick by Brick Building of the Hierarchy

Chapter 2: Climate and Culture: Creating a Common Thread

Chapter 3: The Feels of Climate and Culture

Chapter 4: Leadership that Supports Divergent Thinking

Chapter 5: Formulating the Mindset

Chapter 6: Personalized Professional Learning

Chapter 7: Innovation Teams

Chapter 8: The Peak of the Hierarchy